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It is a relatively easy process to do a Google “images” search on the web for the words or markings on a piece to see if you can find a match.Be as descriptive as you can when doing your search.Dear friends and children, if you believe the Bible you are doing well.

Amazingly, the robin’s DNA does not change, but the robins do; they change a lot.Epigenetics is a system of turning genes off and on.We humans have just over 20,000 genes in our body and each of these genes can be expressed or not depending on how tightly it is wound and with which chemicals it is packed.For example, if you have a cast iron skillet that has only markings on the bottom that say VICTOR 722 8, try a Google images search for “Victor 722 8 cast iron skillet”, and see if a match to your pan shows up in the images.If not, try broadening the search, to “Victor cast iron skillet.” Many images result from the search.

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