Reggie bush dating new woman thetaoofdating com

Solange is no stranger to dating an athlete, and she and Bush would make a fashionable pair.

She’s also had the chance to take notes from big sister Beyoncé on making a relationship work with two stars.

Oh yeah, and Bills are going to win by three or more tomorrow night!

” Highly doubt the Bills are on Bush’s concern list but good luck coming up with some defense for this off the field.

14), the Miami Dolphin seemed to co-sign the shade one of the hosts was throwing to the females of Buffalo.

Remember when Paul George supposedly tried to pay his baby moms to do the same thing?

The problem is that some people, many sistas, feel that because Mr.

They feel that she is the typical White girl who wants to be Black enough just to date Black men but White enough to seem exotic or different from a “regular” Black woman.

Just because your dating résumé consists of Kim Kardashian and women that could pose as her stunt double doesn’t give you the green light to diss average women of an entire city.

During an appearance on Miami’s “Paul and Young Ron Show” Wednesday (Nov.

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