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The club recently were relegated from the Premier League, and are now looking for a new owner.

Hanks laughs, and says "maybe you should buy the club" - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 26th April 2016Tom Hanks , wife Rita Wilson - Sean Parker and the Parker Foundation Celebrate the Launch of The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy held at a private estate in Los Angeles.

Tom Hanks has captivated us with his role as a brooding Harvard professor since 2006, when he appeared in the adaptation of Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code'.

Now on to the third film, he returns for another dose of menacing mystery, death-defying adventure and intellectual premise.'The Da Vinci Code' (Dan Brown's second novel) was a global phenomenon which portrayed Hanks' character Robert Langdon on a quest for the Holy Grail.

The following prequel 'Angels & Demons', explored the creation of the universe and conspiracy within mankind.

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Wilson of course was the volleyball friend of Hank’s character Chuck Noland in the 2000 movie, though it all does lead us to wonder what a volleyball was doing at a hockey game.

Continue reading: Steven Spielberg And Tom Hanks' Cold War Thriller Is Titled 'Bridge Of Spies' But It Won't Include A John Williams' Score Tom Hanks has publically thanked a man who returned his lost credit card.

Hanks' credit card was returned just days after the 58-year-old actor helped a group of girl scouts sell some boxes of cookies. HANX," the ‘Call Me Maybe’ singer Carly Rae Jepsen is back and she’s sure bringing out the big guns for her latest music video.

But the film will sadly be without a Spielberg movie staple, as it is the first in 30 years not to feature a score by composer John Williams.

Steven Spielberg's next film will be Announcing the film’s title on Wednesday, Dream Works Pictures also revealed via a statement that 83 year old Williams had been forced to pull out of the movie due to a health issue.

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