Dating sites for native american indians

The Navajo, who were not their descendants, called them by this term.Reflecting historic traditions, the term was used to mean "ancient enemies".The kiva, a congregational space that was used chiefly for ceremonial purposes, was an integral part of this ancient people's community structure.In contemporary times, the people and their archaeological culture were referred to as Anasazi for historical purposes.

Ancient Pueblo People, or Ancestral Puebloans, is a preferred term for the cultural group of people often known as Anasazi who are the ancestors of the modern Pueblo peoples.Contemporary Puebloans do not want this term to be used.Archaeologists continue to debate when this distinct culture emerged.The ancestral Puebloans were a prehistoric Native American civilization centered around the present-day Four Corners area of the Southwest United States.Archaeologists debate when a distinct culture emerged, but the current consensus, based on terminology defined by the Pecos Classification, suggests their emergence around 1200 B. They inhabited the area that is present-day Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, called the Four Corners.

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